Edgecoin is the world’s first Educational Stable Coin that provides an open payment system for an educational institution

Edgecoin believes that one educated person in a family can change the life of everyone. After paying much hard money, spending travel cost and time. Yet, Edgecoin’ aren’t satisfied with our old education system. Our Mission is to supply users’ practical knowledge, unlimited courses, and training with universally accepted certification at one click without paying any additional cost. here is our site: https://www.edgecoinpay.com/


blockchain is a digital ever-growing list of data records. Such a list is comprised of many blocks of data, which are organized in chronological order and are linked and secured by cryptographic proofs. The first prototype of a blockchain is dated back to the early 1990s when computer scientist Stuart Haber and physicist W. Scott Stornetta applied cryptographic techniques in a chain of blocks as a way to secure digital documents from data tampering. The work of Haber and Stornetta certainly inspired the work of Dave Bayer, Hal Finney, and many other computer scientists and cryptography enthusiasts — which eventually lead to the creation of Bitcoin, as the first decentralized electronic cash system (or simply the first cryptocurrency).


Most cryptocurrency systems work through a decentralized framework that is collectively maintained by a distributed network of computers. Each computer (or device) that joins the network is referred to as a node. In simple terms, a node is any physical device that is connected to a network and that is able to send, receive and forward information. Each node is categorized according to the functions it performs within the system. For instance, the Bitcoin network is made of, at least, seven different types of nodes, and the nodes that perform all available functions are known as full nodes.

What is Edgecoin

Edgecoin is the world’s first Educational Stable Coin that provides an open payment system for an educational institution where individuals can make education-related transactions such as enrollment fees, accommodation, books and all educational spending via a decentralized application to be settled at the same speed as the Internet while making full use of the education infrastructure, regulation and stability of traditional finance process systems.


Our goals on this project is to set our tokens including blockchain into real student coin and is the number one project that gives the users the privilege to act on the wide-scale tokenization for people, companies, firms building up to the decentralized ‘’DEFI’’. The large scale tokenization is a procedures that requires an easy to operate through the general ecosystem that is built by the Edgecoin coin with the assistance of the ecosystem #Edgecoinpay every person will have the easy ability or knowledge to produce any types of token and upgrade it along the line. The #Edgecoinpay coin also aims at allowing tokenizing people, company and corporations, and also provides a means of managing token consumptions, and can easily list any new kinds of projects.

How Does Gradecoin Staking Works

  1. Connect your wallet through Metamask, using either Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers. Safari and Opera browsers are not compatible with Metamask and will not function.
  2. Choose the coins you would like to deposit and begin staking within Edgecoin.

What are the benefits of Staking Pool

-Entering early into our Liquidity Staking Pool allows you to stake Gradecoin before the major exchange listings.

The Potential of Edgecoins

Edgecoins has so much potential. It has impacted greatly on how financial transactions are performed and also aids in the decentralization of finance. However, one of the most significant impacts of EdgeCoin technology on education is the reduction in payment rates due to the absence of third-party agencies. EdgeCoinPay technology systems disallow the need for third-party agencies in transactions, eliminating payments of commission or bank rates. These transactions are encouraging reduced education payment fees, and increases the bargain power of consumers. One of the leading parties benefiting from this system is students.

Edgecoins Token Distribution

The Token Details


Edgecoin ( EDGT ) has a native token called Gradecoin ( GRTC ) which allows intermediate currency settlement between assets and is based on the Stellar network protocol. Gradecoin is a fuel token to exercise control over the resources of the Edgecoin network.


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